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Welcome to 299 Exmouth Squadron

The Air Training Corps is one of the country’s leading youth organisations, as part of the Royal Air Force, we provide a challenging environment for cadets to rise above the rest. We meet here in Exmouth within Phear Park, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7pmĀ until 9:30pm.

Although some Cadets aspire to join the Armed Forces, many have other careers in mind. Whichever direction their future lies most cadets find the experience and training gained during their time in the Corps as memorable as it is invaluable.

The Air Cadet Organisation provides young people from the ages of 12 (Year 8) to 20 with the opportunity to develop many life skills such as leadership, team-working and communication and to experience a wide variety of activities and opportunities, from flying powered aircraft to abseiling and camping. You will find many of these activities here on this website – please feel free to explore and find out more.

If you are interested in joining as a Cadet or would like further information please have a look at our How to Join page.

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