Security Alert!

All Cadet activity is to continue unchanged – this includes normal parade night activity, other training and participation in public events. · Cadets and adults are advised to maintain a low public profile until further information is received; uniforms should be concealed while in a public place, particularly when travelling alone or from home to [...]

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Dartmoor Kit List

2 pairs of  walking trousers (Not DPM)             1worn, 1 in bergan 2 base layers  (t-shirt / thermal vest)                 1 worn, 1 in bergan 2 mid layers (thin fleece / norgy)                     1 [...]

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Cadet Intake June 2013

The next cadet intake will be on Thursday 28th of June 2013 at 1915 Hrs at the Squadron building in Phear park. To ensure your son/daughter's place on the next intake, you must Email or phone us to confirm. Email: or Tel: 01395 227032

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