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The next intake will take place on Tuesday 24th September at 1915. To secure your place on the next intake please get in touch by either:
phone: 01395 227032


To Join as a Cadet

To make sure that new cadets get the best start to their Cadet experience, we have introduced a new process for joining with specified joining dates which allow us to have a better structure and more enjoyable experience for new cadets.

To deliver a structured start, and an action-packed programme for each intake, there are three start dates for new joiners each year. These will be in February, June and October. Children need to be in Year 8 or above to join and, of course, we take both boys and girls. Do not worry though if you want to join and you have missed the last induction date, we are always open to show new cadets down and do the paper work so you do not have to worry about it at the next induction date.

To Join as a Volunteer

If you are interested in joining us as an Adult member of staff or would like further information please visit the Air Cadet Organisation website or click here to request information for other Squadrons within Devon & Somerset Wing.

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